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“About Us” is your credibility page. It usually talks about your company’s history, perhaps key statistics or improvements in the last year. You may want to briefly note what is different about your organization from your competitors.

It differs from Our Services in that the latter talks about what the patient/family experience. About Us is where you impress people with your credentials. There is a saying in marketing language:

“Don’t tell me about your grass seed, tell me about my lawn.”

Our Services is their lawn. About Us is about your grass seed. 🙂

Another way to think of About Us is that it is your investors’ page. If you are a non-profit, this is where donors will come to get a sense of your solvency, your stability in the community. You might, for instance, make your annual report a downloadable .pdf. About Us is where you toot your own horn in ways that might be less tasteful in Our Services.

Topics to consider in About Us include Our History, Our Statistics, Our Board Of Directors, Awards, Community Involvement…]

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Our history

ABC Hospice began by a group of dedicated volunteers compelled to meet the needs of terminally ill patients and their families. Since that time, …

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Our statistics

Last year we were honored to serve….

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Our Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of ….

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